Guide to Exploring the Northern Suburbs on 2 Wheels

Bike riders seem to dominate the roads of the Northern Suburbs on weekends (and is it any wonder!). Not only are there many riding routes to choose from, the routes often include beautiful scenery, the roads are generally smooth, rider friendly and they provide a challenge!

Some of the most popular rides in the Northern Suburbs extend out past Terry Hills to Duffys Forest, Akuna Bay, West Head or McCarrs Creek. Alternatively you can head out past Turramurra to Bobbin Head and on to Brooklyn Bridge or Berowra Waters. Any of these would also be great options for turning a ride into a day trip- pack some snacks and enjoy a pit stop at one or more of the many beautiful outlooks along the ride.

If being out on the road doesn't really sound appealing (I know it often doesn't to me unless I'm with others) there are other options to get an aerobic workout without the road component. Tracks such as the M7 cycle way provide a traffic free option with a return route of up to a maximum of approximately 80km. There is also the stationary bike option, whether you have one at home or access to one at your local gym.

Riding can be used as a form of transport, exercise, site seeing (while exercising) or socialising. Being a low impact activity it's a great option for anyone whose joints just don't seem to like running anymore, or that get pain from walking for longer durations. Riding uses all the muscles of the lower limb and well as helping to mobilise each of the lower limb joints, hence why it forms an important part of post-operative rehabilitation.

When it comes to bike set up it's important that your seat and handlebars are positioned correctly. Optimal set up allows for better transfer of force, and therefore more efficient use of energy, from the muscles as well as preventing any unnecessary loading through the knee, hip or back. If you are unsure if your bike is set up correctly I would recommend visiting your local bike shop for a proper fit to be conducted. This is particularly important if you’re planning on increasing your riding distances or tackling the more difficult terrain (HILLS!).

Riders most commonly come to me complaining of lower back pain, hip pain or knee pain. These are common problem areas due to the extreme forward flexed position we are in on our bike, the long duration we are in that position and the high number of revolutions that we do while riding. Being on a bike puts our backs under a large amount of tension while causing compression through the front of the hip. If muscles such as the glutes (butt muscles) aren't working quite correctly other muscles in the back or lower limb will compensate, and will be put under more strain (especially on hills!). If left untreated this strain will continue to grow, further contributing to incorrect biomechanics and ultimately injury.

If you are feeling the effects of riders strain don't ignore it! Whether it's your back that's increasingly feeling more stiff and tight or an ache that's growing in your hip or knee, it can be addressed. Book an appointment today to start treating the aches and pains, identify the presence of any muscular imbalances and begin to correct these.

Happy (and safe) riding!


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