Hi Everyone!

Thought I’d tell you a little about myself. I grew up in the Blue Mountains and found swimming at an early age. Much of my life was spent looking at the bottom of the pool and going to swim training after swim training, competition after competition. I ended up specializing in the 5km open water swims. I got close to the top… it was a hard run!

After graduating from Blue Mountains Grammar, I moved to Wollongong to do my Bachelor in Exercise Physiology, with a special interest in elite performance. During Uni, I knew that my future lay in Physiotherapy, so I commenced my Masters in Physio the following year. That took me back to Sydney and the rest is history.

I am still swimming as I have a new sport- triathlon. It has consumed my life and apart from the pain I put myself through, I love it! The Northern Suburbs and Beaches of Sydney is my adopted home, a relaxed paradise in a fast paced city. It is a dream to come true to be living and working amongst the amazing locals of the amazing area.

I truly adore being a physiotherapist, I love my clients and I love the results I can get for them when we work together as a team. Every day I am inspired by their stories and of the new life that I help them achieve when they overcome their obstacles.

Take care, I hope to talk to you soon on the table!


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