Best Beach Running

Best beach running locations:

  • Palm beach. 2.3km long stretch with the choice of added in the dreaded Barrenjoey lighthouse extension
  • Newport. 1.3 long stretch,level running surface, park for circuit afterwards
  • Collaroy. Sydney's 2nd longest beach , 3.6km longest stretch.

Beach running pros:

  • reduced stress on joints
  • a form of resistance training (without having to use of weights)
  • increased use of lower limb muscles
  • burns more calories
  • enjoy the fresh air while having some variety

When choosing a beach to run on it's important to look at the slope of the sand. It's better to choose flatter beaches to reduce the stress on the inside or outside of your knee. Running (or walking) on an uneven slope creates asymmetry in the body. It means one foot will hit the ground at a lower point, the other higher. This then has a chain reaction heading up the body- knees are uneven, hips are uneven, lower back is uneven and so it goes on. Our joints, supporting ligaments and muscles do not like this, and they will definitely let you know!

The next choice is whether to run with or without shoes. Personally I choose to wear shoes if I'm on the firmer sand and go without if I've chosen to do a soft sand session. I don't think there is any right or wrong answer here, I believe in doing what feels best for you. If you are someone that does tend to get, or be prone to, plantar fascia, shin or calf issues I would,however, recommend wearing shoes on the firmer sand. Shoes will help to give you added arch support and shock absorption to prevent these impact related injuries from becoming aggravated.

If you feel like any of these injuries may be affecting you there's no time like the present to start trying to get rid of them. Unfortunately these types of conditions do not go away by themselves. They may seem to come and go for a while but then once they hit full force, possibly after doing that half marathon you've always wanted to do, it can take a lot of hard work to get them to disappear. Don't wait until your pain is so bad you can't run anymore, give me a call and we will get onto it immediately.

Enjoy your beach workout!


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