10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mobile Physio

  1. My clients.
    Being mobile means I get to know you in your own environment. I am able to see where you sit, what pillow you use and the features of your home we can use to perform exercises. I get to know you, your family, your pets and sometimes even your neighbours. The more I get to know about you, your environment and your lifestyle, the better I can personalise your treatment plan and ultimately, the more I can help you.

  1. The Flexibility - for both myself and for you! I can coordinate visits to suit your daily schedule of work, school, children, sport, training, appointments etc etc. This also applies to my own schedule, allowing me to fit training in around my work and still have time to enjoy my friends and family.
  2. Learning about new areas. I'm often venturing into a new suburb, new street, new estate or retirement village (which means lots of relying upon my navigation system!). Having only moved into the Upper North Shore region a year ago, I absolutely love having the ability to explore this beautiful area each and every day I go to work. I love finding new parks to use for exercise programs, new walking tracks, new short cuts and most importantly new cafes that I get to make a pit stop to.

  1. The variety. Just like each and every one of you is different, so too is where you live. I adore that my workspace is forever changing and I am constantly having to modify how I set-up, how I conduct a session and how I treat. No two sessions are ever the same-I love this! From visiting a stay at home mum, to a Dad who works crazy hours, to a child who goes to school, to a post-operative client, to a Grandfather who no longer drives, all of my clients are different and I adore working with all of you!
  2. Chilled out treatment. Visiting you in your home creates a much more relaxed environment for treatment. The actual hands on treatment is exactly the same as I would provide in a clinic setting but just more comfortable. I love getting to experience your favourite music or TV shows while I treat you.
  3. Longer consultation times. I choose to use 1 hour consults to allow for extra assessment, treatment and exercise time. Having the ability to spend longer amounts of time with each and every one of you means a more thorough and extensive physiotherapy session. This is particularly relevant for those of you with multi-area problems and more complex presentations.
  4. I love exercise. Most of the time while I'm helping you through your exercises I get to exercise too!

  1. I love sunshine and fresh air. Working mobile allows me to enjoy both of these things in between seeing clients as well as during some of my consults. When appropriate, exercise rehab sessions can be conducted in an outdoor setting such as the backyard or local park and in some cases my physio bed can be set up on the back deck, in the sunroom or courtyard.
  2. My love of animals. Many of you have pets that I get to meet and greet on my visits. While I love developing the relationships with each of you, I also love doing this with your pets. Seeing the change in your dog or cat from week to week warms my heart-seeing them change from initially barking or growling at me, to jumping up onto the treatment table or laying at my feet all contributes to me loving my job even more.

  1. The other perks. Many of you seem to know my guilty pleasure of food. I find myself constantly sampling freshly baked goods or accepting a sneaky chocolate or lolly. This being said, don't be offended if I reluctantly say "no", I probably have just eaten too much already!

After only a year of working as a mobile physio I have definitely found my calling. I absolutely adore the area I live in and of course the People that live here. I look forward to continuing to get to know the ins and outs of the North Shore and Northern Beaches areas while getting to meet and treat many more you. I may have a bit to carry with my bed and kit but it's all very worth it!


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