Pilates in some way or another is vital to long lasting body health. Pilates crosses various methodologies, including yoga, tai chi and weight training to form a really well rounded form.

So many critical elements are present in Pilates for stability, mobility and balance that it is my go to for my clients with issues to do with strength and mobility. I find that the various other forms of total body training have their place, but in my own rehab, I find clinical pilates is most versatile.

I can run either group classes, or one on one clinical pilates sessions along the Northern Suburbs and Beaches, utilizing its incredible position and views. I also include elements of clinical pilates in my physiotherapy sessions to develop or enhance core stability, strength and control of breathing. 

From the Pittwater to Palm Beach, from Manly to Dee Why and from Terrey Hills to Lindfield, there isn’t a place in the Northern Suburbs and Beaches that doesn’t melt my heart and doing pilates out in nature is the best remedy!

Drop me an email or give me a call to see how I can best meet your clinical pilates needs!

See you on the mat!


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