What areas do you service??

I will travel from Manly all the way up to Palm Beach, and from Terrey Hills through to Pymble or Lindfield. In short, I am happy to visit any client who is within the Northern Suburbs and Beaches district. If in doubt, please give me a call and I will see if I can arrange something!

How long do sessions go for?

All of my sessions go for one hour. This is my key point of difference. I am interested in working with people who want a total solution. I find that 30 minutes only scratches the surface and to create a total program, including hands on therapy, stretching, pilates and exercises, an hour is only just enough. I do set up and pack down around this time, so I am usually there 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after… depending on the tea!

What do I need to have for my appointment?

Ideally any scans, doctors reports, or any information that may assist me in diagnosing your injury is great. If you don’t, not to worry, I will quickly figure it out! Just wear some suitable clothing to expose the area of interest and I will figure out the rest.

How do I make Payment?

Payment is made via credit card at the time of consultation. Alternatively, you can also pay in cash if you would prefer. Paypal payments can also be arranged.

Do you take Health Fund Cards?

I personally do not process the health fund cards on the spot, however I provide an electronic receipt immediately following the treatment, which may allow you to do an online claim.

Do you accept DVA clients?

Yes, I do accept DVA clients, you just need a physiotherapy referral from your GP.

Do you accept NDIS clients?

Yes, I do accept approved NDIS clients. As I provide a mobile physiotherapy service, gaining access to the necessary treatment is much easier.

Do you offer group discounts?

I do offer discounts in cases where multiple family, work or sport team members are requiring treatment at the one location. Please email me with the details of the number of members to be treated and I will work out a special deal for you.

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