My style of Physiotherapy is quite different to most. With an elite performance background, I knew that only one thing mattered. Results. This concept consumed me from the first day I commenced working as a Physiotherapist, and is what defines me in the Northern Beaches.

Thankfully I had some great mentors who were able to assist me to align my perspective with my professional career. I knew that no two people were alike, and that no two people should be treated alike. This formed the nucleus of my treating methodology and became my point of difference.

I still perform the traditional assessment and diagnosis expected of all Physiotherapists, however when it comes to treatment, things can change quite a bit. Firstly, I treat my clients with what works for them. When I try a technique, if it works, I try it again. If it fails to work, we go down a different path. In doing this, I look at the body holistically and assess and treat not only the area of injury, but the entire body.

By working on this results based methodology, I can achieve results for my Northern Suburbs and Beaches clients that they have always been looking for.

The types of treatments to get these results include:

Happy rehabbing, hope to see you soon!


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